Asheville is a place unlike any other on earth. Home to O'Henry and Thomas Wolfe, the city is a wonderful gem of art deco architecture set in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. Founded in the 1790’s, it came on to the national scene in the 1880’s when billionaire George Vanderbilt constructed America’s largest private chateau called Biltmore. The city blossomed with wonderful buildings through the 1920’s and many of them are restored and still in use. Asheville is one of the few cities in the South that retains its downtown core.

Long a haven for artists and poets and writers, there are surprises around every corner, filling your senses with art, architecture, adventure and cuisine that mix mountain with modern, classic with country, elegant with unexpected. And with a thriving arts community came diversity and a well-established LGBT community. In addition to The Blue Ridge Parkway, and Biltmore Estate there are three gay nightclubs, several gay friendly coffee shops and bookstores and many art galleries.

Asheville has been the site of several NC Pride Parades in the past and always sends groups to attend our yearly event. Along with Durham, NC, it was recently named one of the 50 best places for LGBT people to live in the US.

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