NC Pride Resource Guide

Why Should I Be a Part of the Official NC Pride Resource Guide?

nc pride guideBecause of its attractive magazine-style format and its yearlong usage, the 64 page full color guide serves as the most cost effective way of reaching the GLBT market in NC.   In addition, this year’s ads will be mirrored on the NC Pride Website that has the largest number of viewers than any other gay and lesbian site in NC.  Dollar for Dollar, it is the single most effective and affordable advertising that you will make all year.  We have designed it to be used all year long from September to September as a type of “yellow pages” for pride supporters and gay friendly businesses.  

Our Circulation and Audience:  

With more than 100,000 identified GLBT residents in NC and over 10,000 in attendance at the annual Pride Festival, this guide is the best opportunity for your organization or business to communicate your message to a large and highly desirable audience. 7,000 guides will be distributed at the NC Pride Festival this year and also in the major cities of NC throughout the year.   

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